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ATM/DEBIT Card Lost or Stolen? Please call (866) 546-8273 or (844) 221-8237

Please remember, Landmark Bank will never text or email you asking for any personal or banking information. 

Traveling? Please contact any Landmark Bank location if you will be traveling with your Landmark Bank ATM/Debit card so travel notes may be placed on your ATM/Debit card.


Steps Consumers Can Take to Prevent ID Theft

Fraud Prevention


Landmark Community Bank utilizes FICO Falcon (previously named Fraud Center) to monitor ATM/Debit Card transactions for potential fraudulent activity. Going forward, FICO Falcon will send an e-mail (if you have an e-mail address of file), followed by a text message (to your number(s) on file, if that number(s) can receive text messages) or place a phone call to determine if the transactions in question are truly fradulent.  Please follow the instructions given in the communiction method.  

Please note, FICO Falcon text messages are different from smsGuardian text alerts.   

Should you need to contact FICO Falcon, please call 800-417-4592 and follow the prompts.  Landmark encourages all customers to save this number in their phone. 

If you have any questions, please call any Landmark Bank location.