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Mortgage Loans

Landmark Bank offers a number of residential construction and mortgage loan products to homeowners.  Landmark realizes that choosing a home is a uniquely personal decision.  We believe providing clients options ranging from conventional mortgage financing through secondary mortgage markets, to personally tailored Bank jumbo mortgage products, is one reason so many people repeatedly seek out our mortgage specialists.  

Whether you are searching for a short term, a 30 year, a fixed rate, or a variable rate mortgage we may be able to provide it.  Our experienced staff of specialists is available to listen to your particular situation, explain all the options you qualify for and are available through Landmark; then personally walk you through the process - from application to loan closing.  If you are in the process of seeking mortgage financing, contact an experienced member of our team that measures their success by your satisfaction.


Dianne Avgeris, NMLS# 527750 Dianne Fry, NMLS# 527751
1000 Ridgeway Loop, Ste. 103 2241 S. Germantown Road
Memphis, TN 38120 Germantown ,TN 38139
901-260-2512 901-288-1153



Lisa Mathis,  NMLS# 478713 John Morrissey, NMLS# 478425
1013 16th Avenue South 1013 16th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37212 Nashville, TN 37212
615-651-7282 Nashville, TN 37212