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Sweep Services

Utilizing Landmark’s Sweep Services can help you manage your daily cash position and allow you to make the most productive use of your time and money.

  • Maximizes investment income
  • Reduces borrowing expenses
  • Reduces overdrafts and service charges
  • Automatic movement of funds
  • Efficient monitoring  of account activity


Zero Balance Sweep

A Zero Balance Account provides efficient, centralized use of available funds for investment or debt reduction purposes by maintaining account(s) at either a zero balance or other predetermined minimum balance.

  • Eliminate idle funds – all available funds will be concentrated in one centralized account
  • Better manage your cash position


Money Market Sweep

Business customers can deposit all funds to their commercial checking account and automatically have excess funds – over a predetermined target balance – swept to a Money Market Account. 

  • Operating dollars are managed efficiently
  • Earns an excellent return on excess funds
  • Funds automatically sweep to help prevent overdrafts and service charges
  • An automated sweep eliminates the need to monitor balances
  • Up to 6 debit sweep allowed per month from the Money Market account to the Checking account
  • Unlimited debit sweeps allowed from the Checking account to the Money Market account


Line of Credit Sweep

A Line of Credit Sweep can help control your borrowing expenses by attaching a line of credit to a commercial checking account.

  • A target balance is set in your checking account.
  • Funds in excess of the target balance automatically sweep to your line of credit
  • Funds sweep automatically from your line of credit to your checking account when needed


Dual Sweep

A Dual Sweep combines the services offered in the Money Market Sweep and the Credit Line Sweep - maximize interest income and reduce interest expense.

  • Excess funds in their master account will automatically sweep to the line of credit.  Once the line of credit is paid to $0, excess funds will automatically sweep to the money market account
  • The money market account will act as the first funding source for the commercial checking account
  • The line of credit will only fund the master account if the money market account has an available balance of $0


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