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ACH (Automatic Clearing House) Services

ACH Services allow you to create transactions using the Federal Reserve’s Automated Clearinghouse (ACH)  to economically transfer funds between banks. Landmark’s ACH system can be used for business-to-business payments, consumer debits and direct deposit.


Business to Business Payments

This payment method allows for collections and disbursement of funds
and information between businesses.

  • Minimizes time writing checks and reconciling accounts
  • Improves control over disbursements
  • Improves the management of your cash
  • Optional addenda files can be attached with payment details



Consumer Debits

Where your business account is credited and the clients’ account is debited.

  • Improves receivables
  • Reduces second notices and collection work
  • Eliminates postage, envelopes and other administrative expenses
  • Lessens the time spent processing remittance and billing information
  • Provides a convenient payment option for your clients


Direct Deposit 

Never write a payroll check again!

  • Paychecks are never lost or stolen again
  • Increases reliability and security
  • Provides your employees with convenience and availability of funds
  • Direct deposit can also be used for employee reimbursements, annual bonus
    and commission payments.



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